InstructorGary McNeillie
TypeOnsite Course
PlaceRitz Music & Tuition Centre, 88 Sheen Rd, Richmond, TW9 1UF
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This course is aimed at complete beginners or anyone wishing to play the guitar but does not know where to start.

With the aim of offering an introduction to the guitar, this course covers learning to play all the open chords and reading chord graphs. You will learn how to memorise the chord shapes and connect them to make a chord progression. Strumming in its most basic form is introduced early on with the help of chord charts with rhythmic dictation.

As the course progresses and songs are introduced we begin to learn to read TAB (tablature).

The aim is to ensure a solid foundation that by the end of the course you will be able to read and interpret a piece of music with confidence.

Each component of the course sees a gradual introduction to key concepts ensuring that the learning process is natural.

Accompanying videos of course material are also provided.

Areas covered

  • Correct posture
  • How to hold the pic
  • Strumming/Rhythm playing
  • Reading chord charts and TAB music
  • Playing with others
  • Playing along to music