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4 Jun 2021

How To Customize Your Samsung Home Screen

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The beta is now available to all Pixels starting with the Pixel 3 series, and it is also making its way to over a dozen third-party devices from 11 manufacturers, excluding Samsung. A handy one this, and another that’ll feel familiar to any users switching from an iPhone X or above. Once enabled in the settings, you can make the phone jump into life by simply picking it up.

what's samsung one ui home

Go into Settings, and search for “Optimize battery usage,” which should take you to the Special access menu. Hit optimize battery usage, then tap “App not optimized” and select “All.”Then,search for Photos, and toggle it to the off position. Now your photos and videos will upload as soon as they’re taken, as Google Photos intended. If you want to remove lock screen ads or other Amazon applications, I’d recommend just running the Toolbox again after Amazon updates are installed. This should remove unwanted software and ads at least until the next update. When inside the Unmonitored apps menu, you can tap the 3-dot menu to add or delete apps from the list. Samsung’s power saving protocols for One UI employ a behavior called app “sleeping” that I’m not particularly fond of.

Install Oneui 2 1 Launcher Apk On Other Samsung Phones.

Knowing that PowerShare turns off when your phone drops down to 30% battery life is comforting – as is realizing that your iPhone XS-owning friend has a 2,658mAh capacity for the price of your S10 Plus. Samsung still claims “all-day battery life or a bit more”, maybe because of the bigger screen here, or maybe just to play it safe. Samsung’s fully-loaded, yet easy-to-navigate app is where it makes up ground next to Google’s more barebones camera app. We love returning features, like being able quickly flip between the main and front cameras by swiping up on the screen – it’s like a big button.

  • We’ll have to see how well these experiences mesh together, and of course, we have some questions as to how this unified platform will work on non-Samsung watches.
  • If it’s still not working, though, it might be time to consult a professional, as the Home button is required for most other ways you could troubleshoot the problem yourself.
  • But, the settings panel comes with colored icons with a black background and white text.

Google had announced its partnership with Samsung for a unified smartwatch software platform last month at Google I/O 2021. One UI Watch will first come on a Galaxy Watch that will debut at the Galaxy Unpacked event, which is expected to take place sometime in August this year. Samsung promises longer battery life for its next wearables, but whether it will be better measured in hours or days it not yet known. The earliest we are likely to see the Galaxy Watch 4 announced is on July 28, when its Unpacked launch event may take place according to recent reports. Samsung will also offer a watch face designer, although this is intended for developers rather than end users. You can also expect more apps than are currently available for a Tizen-based watch like the Galaxy Watch 3.

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Apps that feature multiple input options towards the top – messages, for example – are pushed to the bottom, so you don’t need to dislocate your thumb trying to reach them. The majority of Samsung’s own apps have been updated to benefit from this design, and it does make navigation easier. While nothing major, there do seem to be a couple of bugs in the S10’s own camera app.

Camera Scene Optimizer

It gets sluggish during heavy multitasking, but for normal daily usage, its performance is smooth. Although Android pie does not offer a night mode yet, One UI can provide a taste of it through its own ‘night mode’ that can be found in the display’s setting area. There is also a way to install a ‘high contrast theme’ should you encounter difficulty reading the text on the default theme. Samsung check out this info has downgraded the display from Super AMOLED to an IPS LCD that is lesser in charm than its predecessor. Strangely, the Korean giant preferred to compromise on the screen technology. If it is merely due to the battery life enhancement, let’s recall the earlier model did great in battery life even without IPS.

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