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3 May 2021

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Am I the only one who finds it curious that Bloomberg Business, owned by plutocrat and proponent of civilian disarmament Michael Bloomberg, appears to have enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon for firing squads? I know ol’ Mike is something of a proponent of the power of the state over the individual, but this one seems a bit weird, even for him. I see no reason to the assume that the criminal justice system doesn’t also have a high error rate, and that has to be included in the equation when considering advisability of the death penalty. So if you’re looking to hire a new employee for your company, it might be a good idea to put the panel interview to rest.

The Shot at Dawn Memorial was erected at Staffordshire to honour these soldiers. In August 2006 it was announced that 306 of these soldiers would receive posthumous pardons. During World War I, 11 captured German spies were shot between 1914 and 1916, nine on the Tower’s rifle range and two in the Tower Ditch.

There Was A Brunette , Redhead And A Blonde Getting Ready For Execution

The organization did not provide a breakdown of executions methods. Firing squads remain the preferred method of execution in Somalia and Equatorial Guinea and are known to have been used in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Now if we were to add on n’+2 more soldiers to the right of the line, the first soldier would still fire at the original time, m.

I’m sure that they will find some quote from the bible that recommends death by firing squad even though there were no guns in biblical times. I find it outrageous for anyone to proclaim that there is a “best way” of execution and claiming it is the “least painful”. How can anyone state with any certainty that the firing squad is the “least painful”? Given that it was the Trump Administration that CHOSE to resume federal executions in 2019, I would expect to hear harsh criticism of the Trump administration, not lecturing that the firing squad is the “least painful”.

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They are victims of social feedbacks that have much the same bottom-line effect. That is why popular delusions are very interesting—they show that perfectly normal people can in fact be deluded, given the right social circumstances. I believe that religions are generally popular delusions in that sense. The uncomfortable truth is that New Atheists do generally believe that religious people are, technically speaking, deluded. They’re not generally deluded in the clinical sense of the paranoid delusions of a paranoid schizophrenic, but they are in the grip of a complex of beliefs that is resistant to evidence. I can be a cynical sort at times and, considering the canonical example of “appeasement”, view the above example as demonization by likening the religious to Hitler.

  • Now, as the sun rose on the “Square of the Fifteen Martyrs,” residents of Milan had the chance to do the same thing, only this time for real.
  • But what if half the people who read something I’ve read get it, the other half don’t.
  • It also suggests that if the state where the crime occurred does not permit death sentences, a judge can designate another state with those laws and utilize their facilities to carry out the execution.
  • Maximilian ( ) was born Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph of Austria and was proclaimed Emperor of Mexico on 10 April 1864 with the backing of Napoleon III of France.
  • His body, which had been manhandled many times, was covered with grime.
  • Wow, there’s a lot of speculation about what you “mean” by this post.
  • I have zero experience in navigating the legal definitions of “cruel” and “unusual,” but it seems like whether a punishment is either of those things is a fairly personal moral judgment.

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