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22 Mar 2021

Use It: Important Tricks On Strava Application For Phones That Will Blow Your Mind | Revealed.

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Like all social networks, Strava can be used to monitor others’ behavior. Stalking ranges from benign but annoying to downright creepy and even dangerous. Like other forms of harassment, online or in real life, that’s particularly true for female users. “I’ve had folks follow me into the woods and call me out by name,” says Meg Curry, a consultant, former software engineer, and longtime Summit subscriber.

  • Sure, there’s a learn-more button, but most people will ignore it.
  • I have a feeling a majority of the riders on imtb ride less than 4 hrs on average.
  • It appears to show the structure of foreign military bases in countries including Syria and Afghanistan as soldiers move around them.
  • I saw the notification form Strava app yesterday and did this.
  • Connect IQ fields are extra data fields that you can record on a Garmin Device.
  • There is really no-need to spend any more money for elevated subscriptions unless you are a hardcore rider or pro-level racer.

Over three years, our running maps came to describe a geography intelligible only to each other, a digital landscape of Strava routes that he’d named for me. At the end of your run, the app will tell you the total difference in elevation and plot each mile split against a dynamic graph showing the dips and crests of your route. These figures can be somewhat comforting — slower miles have a legitimate, quantifiable reason — and sometimes even galvanizing. I’ve had a couple runs where I worked especially hard to try to keep the same pace in hill sections. This generally comes at the cost of a faster overall pace by the end of the run, but running well up hills is a fast track to improving your running economy and mental toughness.

How To Get The Most Out Of Strava

Strava has made no mention of whether it’ll return ANT+ connectivity, however it seems unlikely. It was almost 13 months ago that Strava removed the ability to use external Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors within its phone app. Today Strava has announced that Bluetooth support for external heart rate measurement is back, and best of all it’s open to both paid subscribers and free users, too. to see the display on the watch you have to start the app on the watch. So I want to listen to my Spotify and strava cues through my phone and headphone.

@Scott S It is not only the route info that is not syncing to HealthKit. No activity data loaded to Strava from 3rd party apps is syncing to HealthKit. Never had much luck with Strava in the 5 Strava or so years pushing to other apps. I think over the same time I had to reconnect GC a handful of times. So I didn’t have any issues connecting Strava with MFP via my Moto. I also know that Strava has made changes to their app, downgrading features and making them premium.

Get Out And Run, Ride Your Bike, Train Your Body

This app is so brilliant, if I were Strava I’d buy it right now, and provide it as a free tool for all Strava’s iOS users. But in the meantime, $2.99 is a small price to pay for hassle-free workout syncing. Pretty much all third-party watch apps I’ve tried for running and cycling suck. The built-in Workout app really is the best choice on Apple Watch. It does it all, with loads of metrics to choose from and plenty of display customization options. And now, in watchOS 5, there are neat advanced features like pace alerts and cadence.

Course creation for use on the later garmins is a minefield. Waypoints vs course points, cue sheets, turn by turn etc etc. I was just about the make the same comment – don’t want all the courses pushed to my watch, just my Edge unit. a) Enabled the “Data shared from the Strava app to Garmin Connect” on Garmin Connect.

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