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8 Jan 2021

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They model the realities of the business world by simulating basic – and in some cases advanced – business theories and practices in controlled game environments. Because they simulate the real-world system, they can often be used as a teaching method for executive education as well . Within the business simulations offered within a serious game, subjects seem much more “real” to the students or learners than when taught passively from pdfs, PowerPoint, or from blackboards. Extensively, business game simulations in professional world are used most frequently. The game applied is usually based on a request for sequential decision-making exercise structured around a hypothetical model of the operations of an organization.

  • It’s hands off money – the publisher does all the hard graft and puts up the money for manufacture, shipping, storage, delivery and marketing.
  • When signing a licensing deal, make sure that you can get your game back if sales drop below a set level or if the publisher stops selling it.
  • A typical Multiplayer Games royalty for a game is between 3% – 8% of the wholesale price – the price the publisher sells it to the store.

They play MMOG (Massive multi-player real-time online games). Among them, the well-known World of Warcraft () is very popular. Faira has found that the students expect and prefer computerised simulations games to be administered in this fashion . Business simulation games can be usually presented as a training technique in which participants consider sequence of problems required to be solved by them or to take decisions. The main component of most of the games is the simulation of the ecosystem.

A Computerized Management Training System For Franchised Dealers

The participants can select different decisions without any fear for a real loss to the organization in case mistakes are made. Participants get experience through the consequences of those actions that can be positive or negative for the game purpose or goal. The learners/students are using their newly acquired skills and knowledge by applying them to a competitive challenge provided within the game. As a part of serious computer games, the games known as business simulation games support training and learning focused on the management of economic processes. Business simulation games bring effective methods of learning and experience through business challenges that students usually need to meet before setting foot in the real world .

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The parameters that assess the properties for achievement of the educational goals are considered as most important. In that context, it is important for the game scenario to meet the educators’ and the learners’ expectations. Games that answer to this requirement usually have highly developed segments or levels of reality. In addition, the game has to lead the player through several situations that require decision-making.

The game should help the learner with proper guidance and explanation in case the decision was not selected as it was expected. This type of game enables faster transfer of experiences, getting skills more easily and good outcomes when the achievement of learning objectives is analysed. By inspection of Table 1, it can be concluded that Shark World game appears to represent the real-case situation most effectively. The game eRepublik provides scenarios in a fictional war situation where users are gaining their economical power; however, this is most likely hard to happen in the real world. The proliferation of accessible business simulation games has enabled the educators to be capable to set up and conduct business simulation exercises easily and on almost on no cost. Student access to the Internet is pervasive, which makes the administration of the business simulation games to be easy.

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In addition to the technical advantages offered by the Internet-based simulation games, students are in the same time accustomed to communicate and to play on the Internet. They interact within the social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn.

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