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23 Oct 2020

4 Best Ways to Update Slow Windows Reserved Storage Work After Installing Antivirus

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Make Cortana search with your default browser or search engine. If you don’t use Edge or Internet Explorer, or prefer that it doesn’t preload during system start, we’re going to show you how to block either of them from being loaded each time you start your device.

How to stop loading Microsoft Edge processes at startup

An Update On Easy Products Of Dll Errors

Microsoft Edge is a built-in and default web browser in Windows 10, replacing Internet Explorer. The latter is still available as Internet Explorer 11 for backward compatibility purposes, and there’s currently no way of deleting it from the operating system altogether. But the chances that you leave the Windows 10 Metro browser due to high cpu usage are less, once you start using it. In one forum a user tells his experience that, using a high-end PC with i7 Processor and 16 gig-RAM could solve most of your problems. Also with a SSD disk it is far easier to read/write bytes from RAM to disk and thus improve Edge performance. Uninstall any other apps or programs, you think are interfering with Edge.

  • Basically anyone using shutup10 that has disabled cortana will not want to install this update intill they iron out this bug , luckily it’s a optional update for now .
  • Just backup Cortana’s Cache foler (named "cache" ) into a backup directory, then copy it back in after the update installs.
  • It seems to be trying to off-load some of it’s processing to the graphics card.
  • Narrowed it down to those that had previously "disable Cortana" and/or the "Bing call-out" on local searches , before updating to this patch.

Check if Internet Explorer or Edge are your default web browsers and change to your preferred one. You can also unpin Edge or Internet Explorer from your taskbar to avoid accidentally clicking on it, which would open the browser. Click Disabled and then click Apply to disable the setting.

Essential Factors In Dll – An Analysis

If you don’t use Microsoft Edge or prefer that the browser is not preloaded during system start, you may block it from being loaded. Microsoft Edge loads quite fast when you run it on Windows 10 devices after sign in to a user account. If you check the Task Manager, you may notice that several Microsoft Edge processes run on the system even before you start the browser manually. Microsoft Edge is the default web browser of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. It replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser even though Internet Explorer 11 is also still available on devices for backwards compatibility reasons. Hey Shawn, want to take just a minute to thank you again for your excellent tutorials and general help on this forum.

Trouble-Free Advice Of Dll – A Closer Look

Exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer to check if Edge still pre-loads at startup. Take ownership of the folder and then right-click on it again and select Rename. Find the folder MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe, right-click on it and select Properties. Instead of deleting Microsoft Edge folder from your device altogether, you can rename the file directory so that Edge doesn’t access its installation files to launch instructions for opening at startup. Background apps not only consume bandwidth, they also drain your device’s battery faster. If you’re opening a PDF file and it launches in Edge or Explorer instead of Adobe Reader or another PDF reader, you can change the setting to stop Internet Explorer or Edge from opening automatically.

I deleted the Zapya desktop app on my Windows 10 and it reduced my CPU usage far better. This has been renamed as “SysMain” in the recent upgrades of Windows 10. Still running in the background along with Settings and Store. Instead of fuzzing with settings, it’s more convenient to uninstall the whole NVidia stuff and re-install the drivers only. You can go into task mananger and disable or delete the Nvidia tasks there to stop the service from starting up. Double-click on the new Dword and set it to 0 if it is not set to 0 by default.

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