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15 Oct 2020

What You Should Know How To Pick Simple VPN For Routers To Hide Your IP

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Two such times include a hostage crisis perpetrated by Marxist rebels in 2015 and during a political corruption scandal in 2014. The list above details the top ten internet censors worldwide but by no means is comprehensive. There are dozens of other countries actively blocking access to the Internet, repressing journalists and otherwise impeding the free flow of information. Another African nation Eritrea reached the top spot in regards to oppression of journalists.

While this increased level of awareness and adoption of internet freedom tools is a positive sign, the protests have also highlighted the commensurate increase in China’s censorship and surveillance efforts. Today, over two thirds of the world’s population lives in a country where internet access is restricted, and repressive regimes are investing more than ever before in censorship and surveillance technology. This is especially true in China, home to both the world’s largest online population and, in many ways, the most censored internet.

The country’s President Isaias Afewerki has cracked down on journalism so hard that even members of the state owned press operate in fear of imprisonment. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists it was the top jailer of media professionals in Africa for 2015, imprisoning nearly 2 dozen without official charges. The country does not allow mobile internet access, only slow dial up service, preventing the free flow information to its citizens. It is estimated that only about 7% of the population even has a cell phone, only 1% use the Internet. At stake is more than just access to what may be considered “objectionable” material.

Turkey’S New Internet Regulations Spark Fears Of New Wave Of Censorship

Bloggers, journalists and average citizens are being jailed or worse. According to the Committee To Protect Journalists most of the top censoring countries also top the list of those with the worst records for jailing journalists. More than half of the journalists imprisoned world wide are in jail for “crimes against the state”. China is the top of this list followed by a coalition of Middle Eastern nations which work in conjunction to block any information detrimental to any governments in the region.

While political ideology, usually communism, is the most obvious source of censorship it is not limited to this. Religion and specifically Muslim dominated countries are also prominent censors of “subversive” material. The Provisions also make repeated reference to restrictions found in other relevant regulations, thus fully integrating China’s Internet law and assuring that virtually all restrictions apply to all situations.

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The people who make up the internet freedom community are deeply norton vpn committed, creative, and adaptive, and they are willing to go up against an adversary like the CCP to fight for citizens’ fundamental human rights. It is this community of human rights defenders, activists, journalists, civil society actors, and regular citizens alike that OTF is committed to serving through our work. Despite these efforts, citizens continue to develop creative and effective ways to communicate, organize, and share information online. Recently in Hong Kong, protesters demonstrated a keen, increased awareness of the ways in which authorities can monitor their activities, acting to proactively mitigate these threats and stay as safe as possible.

This essay will first explain the advantages of internet censorship. Then the essay will explain the harm of internet censorship to the society. While there are dozens of countries actively censoring the media, access to the Internet and emails, there are only about a half dozen countries known to censor social media. Of those, the most alarming is Turkey because it is a budding democracy, member of NATO and prospective member of the EU. The mitigating factor, if it can be counted as one, is that Turkey does not impose a complete ban on social media, only when the “political environment dictates”.

Social Media Platforms

Furthermore, if a site isn’t worthy of “government speech,” then the DOJ’s findings should apply to both paid and organic government speech. That means the findings would extend to government-operated social media accounts.

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